Celebrating families in the industry.

This online exhibition showcases moments from the Festival’s archive that tell the story of the broad range of experiences of fishing families.  The fishing families that have participated in the Working Waterfront Festival over the past decade have shared with visitors stories about trials and triumphs, about first days at sea and proud moments as parents.  They’ve lived their lives at the port and out to sea, and generations of their families have contributed, in ways big and small, to the work of our fisheries.

You can navigate the exhibition in three ways: by individual stories or by theme (in the menu above), or by tag (at the bottom of the page).

Stories combine audio recordings from oral histories and the narrative stage, family photographs collected from the community, photographs from the festival, and images of objects and places gathered by the Festival for this exhibition.

Research for this project was supported by a Scholar in Residence Grant from Mass Humanities.




4 thoughts on “Celebrating families in the industry.

  1. Having watched, worked through the end of an era, watched the fleet go from wood to steel, from family owned operations to corporations. This oral legacy is more important than many understand.

  2. Congrats on your continued success in sharing the voice of The Commercial Fishing Industry in such a positive light and showing the public what they are up against concerning making a living on the Sea in this day and age with all they have been faced with concerning Changing Times.

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